Performance Leadership ProgrammeThe Neuroscience of Coaching Conversations

Performance Leadership Programme is a result-focused system designed for busy leaders and managers. It equips leaders with neuroscience-based coaching skills to help employees achieve insights, commit to action and build habits.

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Participants learn skills to:

1. Improve employee and team performance
2. Increase level of staff engagement
3. Improve motivation and productivity
4. Increase ownership and accountability

Virtual facilitation - 3 half-days

ZAR 5 910.00

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Programme is geared towards:




“One of the most transformational courses I have personally been on. I have acquired a better understanding of myself and others.”

Organisational Development Manager




“I use the skills I have learnt in this programme to be a better manager and a better parent. I have a better understanding of the triggers behind behaviour and what to do to have more productive conversations.”

Senior Manager




“I learnt skills that I use to have better conversations. You don’t have to be a coach to use coaching skills in workplace conversations.”