With growth mindset, disruption doesn’t have to mean destruction

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Growth Mindset Supports Organisations Through Disruption

Organisations are in the midst of tremendous change and disruption—perhaps even crisis. At the time of this writing, 96% of business leaders are concerned about corporate productivity in the face of a pandemic, while 81% of full-time employees’ lives have been significantly disrupted by it.

To be sure, moments like these are beyond any one person’s control. But how we respond to them isn’t. An established body of research has shown that adopting the right mindset in the face of adversity can equip people to thrive through challenging circumstances.

In NLI’s new white paper, “Growth Mindset Supports Organisations Through Disruption,” leaders will meet five companies, across various industries and size, that embraced growth mindset in the face of intense disruption. Their stories should help any leader gain newfound appreciation for the power of mindset in adapting to new realities.