Brain-Based Conversation Skills® The neuroscience of quality conversations  


Brain-Based Conversation Skills® provides the learner with the ability to have quality coaching conversations in any situation. This is a great programme for those looking to deepen coaching skills towards becoming a certified coach in the future. If you’ve never coached before, you will gain a comprehensive ‘suite’ of brain-based tools to start coaching others quickly and effectively. If you’re experienced, you will sharpen your skill set and your conversations will be more brain-friendly and results driven.



Participants learn skills to help others:

1. Move from impasse to insight

2. Commit to action

3. Lead positive change

4. Sustain habits

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 25.5 ICF Continuing Coaching Education hours 

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Registration R 30 000

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The programme is geared towards:

This program is geared towards

Programme Structure 

Programme stucture